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[NBA] Stephen Curry Shocks The World After Landing On The Foot Of ... Zaza Pachulia!

◼️ The GSW star twisted his ankle in a fortuitous action with his partner. The Warriors won in Atlanta and could regain the lead if Houston loses today.

Pachulia at it again. Although this time, the Georgian had nothing to do with it. There is no room for controversy (as in the cases of Kawhi Leonard or Russell Westbrook). Defending a penetration in the first quarter, the right foot of Stephen Curry landed on the left foot of the pivot. Every time the base twists an ankle, the basketball world in general trembles (just remember the history of problems that dragged in that articulation during its first years). Fortunately, it was a false alarm. The two-time MVP was able to return to the match, although the coaching staff decided as a precaution not to play in the last quarter. He finished with 28 points in 23 minutes of action.

The Warriors played another great game and defeated a Hawks team (109-114) that didn't give up until the end and got to almost tie the game in the last minute. A steal and later dunk of Andre Iguodala sentenced the meeting. Bazemore (29) and Schröder (27 + 5 + 9) were in charge of giving work to some Warriors that are put with a 49-14 balance and that, if the Rockets fall tonight against the Celtics, they could recover the lead.

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