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Kobe: "Not Even In My Wildest Dreams Did I Ever Imagine Getting Nominated For An Oscar"

◼️ The former Lakers will fight this Sunday for the Oscar for best short animation. His creation 'Dear Basketball', among the five candidates.

Kobe Bryant retired in April 2016 with a legacy of five NBA titles as a Los Angeles Lakers player. Less than two years later he competed for the best animated short film with "Dear Basketball", something he couldn't even imagine in his "wildest dreams", according to Efe.

"I grew up dreaming of winning championships, but never, even in my wildest dreams, I thought I would be part of the film industry and much less that I would be at the Oscars", Bryant told Efe at the recent nominated lunch hosted by the Academy from Hollywood.

"As a child, I dreamed of basketball and worked very hard to achieve my goals, one title, two, three, four, five ... But sometimes, life and God present you with other paths that you didn't expect. I can't stop smiling", said the named best player of the NBA Finals in 2009 and 2010.

"Imagine for a moment getting something you never imagined in your life, and now you have that in front of you, that's how I feel right now, it's crazy", Bryant said. The former Lakers player and his partner Glen Keane will compete in the category of best animated short film of the 90th edition of the Oscars with his work "Dear Basketball".

His rivals in that category are "Garden Party", by Victor Caire and Gabriel Grapperon; "Lou", by Dave Mullins and Dana Murray; "Negative Space", by Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, and "Revolting Rhymes", by Jakob Schuh and Jan Lachauer.

"Dear Basketball", a work of just over five minutes (including its credit titles), is an animated poem based on the farewell letter from Bryant as a basketball player who published on the web "The Players' Tribune" in November of 2015.

Bryant and Keane had the participation of the teacher John Williams to create the music of that work. From before his withdrawal from the clues, Bryant had already made it clear that his future career aspirations would be geared towards the business world and production.

As an example of this was the premiere of the documentary "Muse", in February 2015 and through the Showtime payment channel, a work launched with the seal Granity Studios (created by Bryant) and focused on the race of the athlete, where they examined their great rivals, his best allies and the people who inspired him.

"Kobe is working on a handful of novels, fiction but related to sports, and based on them, build original series and films created by himself", said Molly Carter, marketing director of Granity Studios, in statements to the New York Times

Starting in March, ESPN will broadcast a basketball analysis program called "Detail," written, produced and presented by Bryant. There will be 15 chapters where the former sports player will explain how he studied sports and his perspective on the fundamental aspects to be developed.

After retiring, he quickly presented his own investment fund, an instrument endowed with 100 million dollars (81 million euros) that he has been using to invest in technology, media and data companies. For this, he works together with entrepreneur Jeff Stibel, with whom he invests in several such businesses since 2013.

"I enjoy helping others to be successful, I enjoy that much more, it's something that lasts forever and I hope to do that for the next generation", he said at the time. Thus it is understood that he will bet on the name of Granity for his film studio, mixing the phrase "greater than infinity".

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