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Zlatan, Surprised By Alexis Sánchez' Short Stature

◼️ "He's smaller than I thought," said Ibrahimovic, who measures 26 centimeters more than the Chilean striker.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is getting well physically after a hard injury, returned this week to practice with the rest of the squad of Manchester United and was amazed after seeing Alexis Sanchez and not just for his football level, but for another detail: his height.

"Alexis is smaller than I thought! He's really small", said the European in a brief interview with an official media English club. And added, with his sympathy: "I've played with short players, but he is the shortest", he confessed between laughs.

Ibrahimovic measures 1.95 centimeters, 26 more than Sanchez, who stayed at 1.69, something that generated laughter in practice. The truth is that the relationship between the two seem to take it very well, an alliance that could greatly benefit José Mourinho.

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