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TRANSFER BOMB: A Few Hours Before The Transfer Market Closes, The Cavs Have Traded Isaiah Thomas To The Lakers

In a move that few people expected, Isaiah Thomas went from the Cavaliers to the Lakers along with Channing Frye for Larry Nance Jr. and Jordan Clarkson reported Adrian Wojnarowski for ESPN.

Isaiah Thomas came just this season to the Cavaliers in exchange for Kyrie Irving, who went to the Celtics in the most famous transfer of the entire preseason. Now Thomas is packing his bags for Los Angeles in what will be his third team in his last two seasons in the NBA.

With this move the Lakers will have two spaces for players with maximum salary the following season, so in one of those could make a move and take Lebron James, a rumor that had already sounded for some time.


Cavaliers OUT :

Isaiah Thomas ➡️ Lakers
Jae Crowder ➡️ Utah
Derrick Rose ➡️ Utah
Channing Frye ➡️ Lakers
Iman Shumpert ➡️ Kings
Dwayne Wade ➡️ Heat

Cavaliers IN :

George Hill ⬅️ Kings
Rodney Hood ⬅️ Utah
Larry Nance JR ⬅️ Lakers
Jordan Clarkson ⬅️ Lakers

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