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[NBA Highlights] The Warriors Had Their Vengeance And Destroyed Westbrook's OKC Thunder

◼️ There was something different in Westbrook and Durant. We saw no beef in this western conference duel. And the Warriors took advantage of that.

We saw a very different Westbrook tonight. The fire was not there, he was passing the ball too much, shots not going in, his eyes were not filled with that competitive rage we saw him in his last games agains the Warriors. We witnessed a Westbrook-Durant relationship in the All-Star Game, playing together for Team Lebron, and it seemed lie they were enjoying themselves. Maybe that was the main reason we couldn't find that Westbrook we wanted to see tonight, the raging fire is gone.

The Warriors came out playing like it was a playoff game. The first quarter was very bad for both teams but after that the Golden State champions had a game to remember. Durant, Curry, and Swaggy P, yes Swaggy P had a great game. We hope to see him play like this the rest of the season and in the playoffs being such an inconsistent player up to now.

Green had another technical, KD and Carmelo had a double technical and really this game was not that fired up. In other words, it wasn't necessary. Green's technical was absurd, he was getting the crowd fired up and the refs thought that was antagonizing so they gave him a technical. Again, unnecessary. But anyway this game might not show what the playoffs might be like if this two teams meet each-other so we will just have to wait and see.

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