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[NBA Highlights] Lebron Delivers In Overtime To Shutdown An Unstoppable Jimmy Butler

After going into overtime, the Cavaliers battled against a perfect night for Butler. But what the Timberwolves didn't count on was that Lebron would equal that performance the whole game. Lebron and Butler gave us a playoff-like game full of exciting moments and amazing plays. 

This is the first time we've seen a Cavaliers team play as a 'team' for 4 quarters until they went to overtime and just relied in what has been the strategy for the last few games, give the ball to Lebron and get the hell out of his way.

The key moments of this game were a defensive play at the end of the overtime when Jimmy Butler drive to the basket not expecting Lebron to jump out of nowhere and deny the shot in a monumental way leaving 1 second in the clock. Next play the Cavs take the ball from the sideline and of course give it to James and the rest, well, you better see for yourself:

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