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[NBA Highlights] Can Anyone Stop The Rockets? The Timberwolves Tried And Failed.

◼️ James Harden, CP3, Ariza And Capela are still dominanting and building one of the greatest teams in the NBA right now, if not the best.

James Butler tried to stop the Rockets but they just have too many weapons. The team has played with a system that lets James Harden go 1-on-1 with his defender and that is a lethal advantage The Beard has over anyone in the NBA (maybe not Lebron). 

The Rockets still #1 in the western conference can finish in that place and still aren't favorites to win the conference. The reason?, well last year they had a really good team too and for some reason James Harden has fell short every time he leads this team to the Playoffs. 

This time it might be different, the answer to all their problems is called Chris Paul and he has been playing incredibly, it's truly a mistery why he wasn't in the All-Star game. Maybe he has to prove his worth in the playoffs and lead this Rockets to a championship for people to start noticing again.

Here are tonight's highlights:

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