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[NBA] Carmelo Sees His Playing Style As "A Lost Art"

Life changes, customs change, basketball changes ... Nothing lives safe from suffering the scourge of time, the one that has led us to evolve towards rationality -although sometimes it doesn't seem so-, and the same that ends up turning into extinct what was once habit.

But what happens to those who must live on both sides of the crack? That is the situation that disturbs Carmelo Anthony. The Thunder player, arrived at the NBA staring at a paper that glimpsed near the one of LeBron James, has finished to feel that his qualities, those that made him be number 3 of one of the best Draft of the history, are in disuse.

"I see the guys training during the summer and they just shoot and make pick-and-rolls. Nobody works on the things that I work. It is a lost art. To be honest, I think I could be the only person in the history of the NBA who is criticized for being good at something. But it's okay, I'd rather be criticized for something I'm very good at", explains ESPN's Tim Keown with a smile.

Melo feels between two worlds, but the truth is that he has adapted his game to what the NBA demanded. In his early years, even with Denver Nuggets, he made 22.4 shots per game in the 2006-07 season, with only 2.4 of them from the three-point line. Already in the Knicks averaged 4.9 triples per night, something that has ended up accentuate in Oklahoma City going to 6.1 average releases from 7.25.

He has adapted as he could, but the reality, beyond his performance, is that what used to make you the best now is almost like wasting a shot. Michael Jordan, for many the greatest of all time, scored in 15 years of career 581 triples. Stephen Curry has 2103 in 8 seasons. It is not a matter of comparing them, but of seeing that today one couldn't place the number one tag on someone without a good outside shot.

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