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[FITNESS] This Is The The Best Shake For Before And After Training

◼️ Here we tell you at what time you should put what ingredients and why.

Protein, carbohydrates and creatine are three common ingredients in shakes for before and after training. And when you drink them based on the exercise you're going to do, in fact the ingredients you use can impact.

Here is a breakdown of when you should eat each ingredient and why:

The post-workout shake should include protein. Consuming it after training will help build and repair the muscles, strengthening the body's recovery responses.

You can eat carbohydrates before or after training. Including them in the pre-workout shake will help you train harder, providing energy for the muscles and reducing the feeling of fatigue. However, adding them in the post-workout shake will help you fill up the energy deposits in the muscle cells

The indicated time to consume creatine is not related to exercise. What matters when you eat this supplement, is the amount of carbohydrates in your smoothie. Carbohydrates increase insulin, and insulin can help propel creatine into muscle cells. This is the reason why you should add creatine to any smoothie that contains carbohydrates.

There is no need to drink a smoothie before and after each workout, choose the right time based on the ingredients you prefer and your needs. For example, if you know that you have not consumed enough protein so far (we recommend about 30g for each meal of the day), go with a post-workout shake.

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