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LeBron And Curry Won't Be Able To Repeat As Team Captains In The 2019 All-Star Game

We still don't know how the All-Star Game will develop, but what is certain is that the NBA has again raised the expectation around it. By eliminating the clash between conferences and moving to teams assembled by the two most voted players (one from the East and one from the West), the league has managed to get the fans to get hooked again to a game that has come down in recent years. 

In agreement with the Players Association, the decision was reached not to televise the so-called All-Star draft, without a doubt one of the biggest attractions of the new format, since seeing Stephen Curry and LeBron James choosing their teammates among the best was of great interest. It has not been like that and neither will it be in the next edition.

As the Cavaliers star revealed to ESPN, the rules of the new system prevent a player from repeating as a captain in consecutive years, exactly the same situation that occurs with the technical bodies in the match of the stars. This is so because of the so-called Pat Riley rule, caused because the then Lakers coach led the Western team in eight of the ten editions of the 1980s.

That rule can make a curious situation in 2019, since the first televised draft of an All-Star could be without the two most voted players. It has little logic. Even less if we understand that the difference between what would have happened in 2018 and what will happen in 2019 - regarding feelings of players - will vary very little. The point is that it's almost taken for granted that everything will be public for the Charlotte All-Star game.

The Reason

Analyzing the situation, the objective of the NBA with this obstacle that the players repeat can point to avoid that the party becomes -in a constant way-, in a 'friends of ...' against friends of ... '. That makes sense. If you want to enhance competitiveness and opportunities for all, it is accepted. Although of course, it's not the same to have confrontations as captains to LeBron and Curry than to two other All-Stars, at least for now.

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