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The 'Impossible' Task Of Interviewing Pep Guardiola

Notably frustrated by the tie against Everton, Pep Guardiola would not answer a question from a reporter.

Cataloged as a revolutionary, Pep Guardiola saw his unlikely face on Monday, after the tie that evidently frustrated him when he received Wayne Rooney's Everton.

In the second day of the Premier League, Manchester City reached the tie in the final straight of the game at Etihad Stadium, affected largely by the expulsion to the 44 'Kyle Walker. Questioned about it, the Spaniard did not hide his annoyance.

"Next question," he replied.

Why does not he answer that question? Do not you think it was red?

"Next question," he reiterated.

And on the other red card, Morgan Schneiderlin, do you think it was expulsion?

"Ask Ronald Koeman, not me," he said when referring to the Everton coach, because that's where Schneiderlin plays.

With frowning and challenging attitude at the start of the interview, Guardiola only said that they played to win but that they could not and that he could not leave disappointed by the tie.

"We played to win but we could not," he said. "We did everything, you're disappointed when you do not play the way you are, but we put everything on the court and that's where we're happy."

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