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Juventus Signs Matuidi And Barcelona Fans Lose Their Heads

Juventus has not made much noise in this transfer market. They have dedicated themselves to keeping most of his figures and buying little. Now, they acquired the French midfielder, Blaise Matuidi and this did not go down well in Barcelona.

Yes, right in the Catalan club was where most this recruitment made the most sense. You may wonder why this is so and the answer is simple: Paulinho.

The fans of Barça are extremely annoyed by the signing of the Brazilian. They say that they did not needed him, that he is not a player at the club level and a thousand other things.

Now what made them explode was the cost of Matuidi to Juve. The Vecchia Signora paid for the midfielder 20 million euros, a fairly low price for the market today. Meanwhile, by the same position, the same age but from China, the Culés paid 40 million.

From there, the fanatics blasted and ranted against their directive. And yes, their annoyance is understandable.

For the Barcelona, it is necessary to see who arrives in place of Neymar. They continue with the speculations of Ousmane Dembélé and Philippe Coutinho but we took like this two weeks. Meanwhile, for Juventus all this indicates a change of system and with the remaining days to sign, do not be surprised if there are last minute purchases. Of course, without paying millions for someone who comes from the Chinese Super League.

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