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Concacaf Considers 44 Possible Cities For The 2026 World Cup

USA Postulates 34 cities, Canada 7 and Mexico 3.

The candidacy of Concacaf to receive the World Cup 2026 contemplates a deck of 49 stadiums in 44 cities to declare their interest to become venues of the event.

In our country, the Mexican Football Federation has already defined that it will only consider three venues: Mexico City with Estadio Azteca, Guadalajara with Estadio Chivas and Monterrey with Estadio de Rayados.

However, the candidacy committee, which also includes the United States and Canada, announced Tuesday the list of cities to which it sent "Request for Proposals" to confirm before September 5 that they will fight to receive matches of that World Cup and send Their presentations. Thus, by the end of that month Concacaf will reduce the list of cities and those that remain there should prepare their final candidacy in early January 2018.

"The Bidding Committee plans to include between 20 and 25 venues in its final proposal to FIFA. Should they be chosen to host the 2026 World Cup, at least 12 cities will be considered as Official Headquarters, "the Bid Committee said in a statement.

Those that are not chosen for parties can be run to host the team or the draw, for example. The cities that are applying will have to inform about their transport infrastructure, antecedents in the organization of important sports or cultural events, hotel infrastructure and environmental protection initiatives, among others.

The overall project should be sent to FIFA on March 16, 2018 and in the process the three North American countries compete with Morocco. The venue will be chosen in June 2018, the day before the opening of the World Cup.

In the event that neither bid is convincing, FIFA will open a second selection process where Morocco and the USA-Mexico-Canada side will no longer be able to run.

All stadiums must have a minimum capacity of 40 thousand seats for the group stage and 80 thousand for the opening or the final. For the latter, of the three Mexican properties contemplated, only the Aztec meets the capacity.

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